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Unexpected problem with the App Store – App icons

Migrating to XCode 5 has largely been very helpful.  I’ve used many of the new features and I’m quite happy how things are working out.

One thing caught me by surprise.

Submitting apps to the store is usually a painful experience.  One the goals of XCode 5 is to lessen the pain, at least a bit.  So, imaging my surprise when submitting my latests updates was painful!  Neither of my apps would pass the verification step in the approval process.  Basically, the problem was that the app icons couldn’t be found.


I’m using XCode’s latest feature called image assets.  They are great for managing all of the icon and launch images required for the app.  It was supposed to make all this painless.  For example, to manage your app icon, you made an app icon image set, load in all of the images, and the rest is magic.

But, it wasn’t quite magic.

It turns out, that when you build an app using image assets, XCode will modify the app’s info.plist file to list all of the app icons to be included in your app.  However, if you’re like me and your project is older, you might have references to icons already in your info.plist files.  I suspect in most cases, this wont be a problem.  In my case, however, when I looked at the info.plist file for a compiled version of the app, all of those old icon references were still there.  Thus, the verification process could not find those images and the app gets rejected.

Fortunately, it didn’t take TOO long to figure this out.  So, I deleted all existing app icon references out of my plist file and after that, things verified normally.

Now that I knew the problem, I fixed it in my other app and the process really because much less painful.

Redesigning my OpenGL engine for Ancient Earth

In case you were wondering about any updates to Ancient Earth, I’m working on them.  Right now, I’m spending a good deal of time trying to modernize my OpenGL engine to take advantage of Apple’s updates in iOS 5 (yes, that means, I’m dropping support for iOS4).  It turns out that Ancient Earth really pushes the limits for iOS, and for us to be able to add more data and map types, we need not only a more efficient rendering system, but a more flexible rendering system.

Ancient Earth Released for iOS!

Last month, I released by iOS app “Ancient Earth: Breakup of Pangea”. Working with C.R. Scotese, we've brought his maps to the iOS platform! In this app, you can explore his continental plate reconstructions for the last 200 million years of Earth history.

You can see our home page for Ancient Earth here: Ancient Earth. Alternatively, you can simply visit our page on iTunes:
Ancient Earth: Breakup of Pangea - Thomas L. Moore