Climate model on a mac project: #10 Rebuilding


Now that the model clearly works using the test license from Portland, it’s time to rebuild the system. So far, I’ve reinstalled MacOS onto the system and installed the developer tools.

Next, I installed required version control software. At this point, subversion and cvs are already on the system so I only needed to install GIT.

The next step in the process is to migrate my subversion and git repositories to the new system and get the servers going.

The version control systems will handle a few things. First, one of the systems will be used to handle the /etc directory. I found that I end up many different versions of mpich and other libraries and not only to I want to prevent messing up this directory, but possibly use branches to determine which versions of these software versions.

Model configurations will also be under version control. Right now, subversion is used to maintain these files. However, git will probably take over this role since a distributed model (since I use more than one cluster) make more sense for configuration management.

Next up: Modifying the system for shared memory runs.

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