Climate model on a mac project: #14 Knowing when you quit...


When not using a scheduler like Torque/PBS, it can be complicated to find out whether the model has quit. If the run was successful, you can have a reasonable idea when it SHOULD quit, but it might crash long before that time. As a result, you’ve lost hours, if not days, of computing time.

One solution to this problem is a handy application that comes with MacOS X: Automator. Automator is a simple way of getting the computer to do some repetitive tasks. In this case, the tasks are 1) run the model, 2) open Apple Mail, and 3) send an email. Automator makes these steps easy. The pre-requisite, however, that you have a mail account already set up in Apple Mail.

For step 1, you need the “Run Shell Script” action. Simply write the shell script to cd to the working direction and execute the run script.

For step 2, you need the “New Mail Message” action. Set the “To:” address, the subject, and message body to something meaningful. Also be sure you’ve selected the proper sending account at the bottom.

For step 3, all you need to do is actually have Mail send the message. To do this, you simply use the “Send Outgoing Messages” action.

To get this all to run; press play.

That’s it!

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