Adding Climate Model Content To Site


As part of the ongoing efforts to make simulations run by PaleoTerra more useful, we are updating the site to list all climate models run by PaleoTerra and to start making the climate model reports, images, and animations available online to clients.

Updating the full listing of models is expected to take a week or two, so consider all the information contained in the listings to be temporary. Adding reports and imagery of the simulations is expected to take much longer, however.

Models with restricted access will require passwords if/when made available online. Clients may request passwords via the Contact page or directly emailing Thomas Moore. Note, however, that the passwords for model content are NOT the same as those to access the commenting system of the site. You are not required to have a password to visit this site (only to comment on blog posts, for example).

If you have any questions, please use the contact page.

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